After 2.5 weeks of lots of sweat, a few tears, and some blood, my hat goes off to the host country for a fantastic XXX Olympiad!

I love the camaraderie and national spirit that something like the Olympics instills. I loved feelings of pride when Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman led Team USA to a Team gold! And I am fairly certain that Uganda is still celebrating Stephen Kiprotich’s marathon gold…and only medal for the African nation!

But what I also love about major sporting events are the brilliant pieces that come out of Madison Avenue… or wherever ads are created these days. When billions of people are watching, companies pony up some big bucks for creative genius.

HONORABLE MENTION: Nike. This one’s for the rest of us mortals. Thank you, Nike!

Nike – Find your Greatness:


BRONZE: All the Visa commercials.

Visa – Come Together

Visa – The Difference (aka: Global Cheer)

Visa – Perfect

Visa – One Hundredth of a Second

Anytime Morgan Freeman narrates something, you know it’s going to be good. Okay, that aside, I love that Visa updated these seemingly instantly as the games went on. For the full collection, I highly recommend the YouTube channel. Do you know who David Boudia is? Visa does, and they recognized his gold medal.



I’ll be honest: my adoration for Ryan Lochte has waned since his out-of-water antics have caught up to him. But, before all that, AT&T opened the games by airing this gem. It’s beautiful, and the last line (“Luck didn’t get me to London…”) is great.

AT&T – Warming Up


GOLD: All the Proctor & Gamble commercials.

P&G – Kids

P&G – Best Job

These win the uncontested gold in my book — I cry every time I see them. And I understand there was some early backlash around “what about the Dads?” But I am still fairly certain P&G hit the nail on the head. [I understand the marketing angle/buying power argument. I still think they are spot-on.]


And the non-televised Gold: British Airways – “Welcome to Our Turf”. Seen quite plainly on a field in the landing pattern at Heathrow. Watch out for Team GB! Well done you, British Airways!


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