Did you see the US Women on the soccer pitch on Wednesday? HOT! Hope Solo is brilliant! (overlooking the rough start, of course). But, today’s Olympic moment is not about the women of the games, but rather, the men.

How did we all fall for Michael Phelps four years ago?

Michael Phelps. 2012 Olympic ID photo.

I distinctly remember an era of thinking that he was the hottest thing since A.C. Slater transferred into Bayside High.

But, as I observed a few weeks back during qualifying, I think I had a case of Gold Blindness. Yes, in fact, I think all that bling made me overlook that fact that a rock hard body plus some Olympic medals do not necessarily a poster child for sexiness make.

Instead, let us look to the rest of the US Men’s Swim Team. Ryan Lochte, anyone (yeah, okay… the mop in Beijing made me overlook him then; thank goodness for haircuts)? Or what about Matt Grevers? And you really can’t deny Cullen Jones having the best smile on the team!

But what about other sports? And, … gasp! Other countries? (Could it be possible that another country has a male Olympian worthy of bringing home the Gold for Good Looks? Let us see…


Matt Ryan – Australia – Rowing

Australia has a distinct lead in the Male Medal contender category. After all, they come from a land down under. And I could probably post the entire country’s male Olympians on here, but if one were to “captain” the team, then this girl would elect Matt Ryan every day. Row on, good looking man, row on!




Clemente Russo – Italy – Boxing

Oh, didn’t I mention that I have a bad boy streak? Yeah. It comes out every once in a while. And Signore Russo handily nabs this one. I generally don’t go for guys who voluntarily allow their brain cells to be depleted for sport, but I think I can make an exception here. Happy boxing, Signore!






Guiseppe Lanzone – United States of America – Rowing

Apparently I need to spend more time near the water because men in boats are fantastic! I think my inner preppy wins out. And if our gold medal winner looks familiar, draw up the images of those hideous Ralph Lauren Team USA outfits — Guiseppe was the flag-bearer in that group. (An Olympian and a model? Yes, please!)


At the outset of this little exercise, I would have put my Ladbrokes odds that soccer players would have dominated this podium placement. Wow; was I wrong! But, all is not a loss … it was certainly my pleasure to scour the images of male athletes to select these divine three finishers. I can certainly say, without a doubt, the London games will have plenty of eye candy!

And as a random aside, do we not think that the Ken doll was modeled after Brian Alexander? You can’t scream “California” any louder! …but if anyone is giving away their water polo tickets, I’d be happy to take one off your hands! 😉

Let the games begin!


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