Apparently, it’s been so long since I’ve written that I’ve forgotten how to navigate WordPress! (sorry)  And this time, I realize whole-heartedly that my ability to even think about writing is directly tied to the stress-levels and happiness in my life. (consider my renewed writing a good thing)

So, without further babble, it’s time to unroll the first in a series of very timely musings: Let the (Olympic) games begin!

This first round examines the games themselves. Did you know that there are 302 events going on in London this year? That blows my mind. These are spread across 26 different sports, and certain ones like track & field (really, “athletics”), swimming, and gymnastics clearly contort the number of events with their own multiplicity.

You can’t really go anywhere without something of Olympic interest popping up. One of my favorites of late is a fun look at the “hardest” sports. A few of my favorites: #14 – Soccer (“…if the ball does come your way, just fall down clutching your shin. You’ll fit right in.”), #5 – Sailing (“This isn’t like taking a booze cruise off Montauk.”), and #1 – Equestrian (“Can you ride a horse? Me neither.”).

Equestrian has a special place in my heart, having grown up with horses. And I love that it’s unique in the Olympic world for 2 reasons: it’s the only sport where men and women compete in the same category, and it’s the only sport in which a single competitor utilizes another living thing for competition.

And I understand sports that have been in it for a while. Archery, wrestling, fencing, and pentathlon all scream ancient sport. And I can even hang with recent newcomers like badminton, table tennis, and taekwondo (which, coincidentally, all debuted either as an official sport or as a demonstration sport during the Seoul, South Korea games).

But I have an issue with trampoline.

Somehow I’ve missed that it’s been a part of the games since Australia, some three Olympics ago, but that does not diminish that fact that I still can’t quite wrap my mind around this as a competitive sport. [And I can’t knock the athletes, because clearly they have done something I have not, being they are representing their countries at the Olympics in something, so they get a free (albeit strange) pass on this one].

But please explain how this came to be?


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