After more than a month, I am still contemplating colors. This time, though, I sit back and survey the occupational relations.

How did it come to be that:

  • scrubs are primarily robin’s egg blue?
  • and for that matter, doctor’s lab coats are white?
  • or the chef’s coat and toque?
  • prison jumpsuits are orange? (okay, so maybe that one isn’t so hard to figure out…)
  • but mail carriers and police officers (in the USA) wear navy?
  • and stripes for referees? and also for candy-stripers!
  • and bankers!?
  • why the dour black robes for judges? or clergy?
  • and where does that white collar come from?

And color extends beyond the associated uniform for an occupation. Think of the barber’s unmistakable red and white column. Or how did the school bus end up being yellow? Why not green?

Color makes a very dynamic and memorable impression for things. Today, we often overlook, or perhaps take for granted the colors we see on their related things because that’s just how they are. But the next time you see a non-yellow school bus, I can nearly assure you that it will stand out for you and maybe even cause mild consternation.

But the atypical color assignment isn’t nearly as troubling or incomprehensible as, say, the British Beefeater’s scarlet tunic, or the Swiss Guard’s tri-colored ensemble.



One thought on “Technicolor, Revisited (or, A Hue Job)

  1. Lol still with the colours huh? Also, I love that picture.

    Growing up in Jamaica, I don’t recall ever seeing a yellow school bus. Our students took regular buses, which are also different than the systems set up in North America and European countries. The buses are privately owned by individuals and hired for school trips.

    I’d love to see a giant green school bus though. Lol.

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