I’ll be honest with you: I miss the days of my early Meditations. (circa: “To the Guy at the Grocery Store (an Open Letter)“,  “Women Get Better with Age“, “At the Movies“). As life changes, so does my perception on things… and as Statesman pointed out the other night, it isn’t always a bad thing that my perspective has changed over the years, even though everything seems so serious to me right now.

le sigh

But, I sometimes yearn for the meditations of whimsy. The meditations of inconsequence. The thoughts on really random things.

Today, I meditate on something so cave-manish, I almost think I’m back to the good ol’ days!

While stopped at a busy corner downtown the other day at lunchtime (waiting for the walk signal to turn), I actually got a “beep beep” from a passing delivery truck while I was stopped at the corner.

The latent 30-something now smiles in my head. Well done you, girl! it says.

Because 10 years ago, I remember being seriously annoyed by my guy friend riding shotgun who would reach over and honk (as I’m driving) at girls he perceived as hot when we drove by.

Oh, wait. That’s me, now? Someone perceived me as worthy of a honk? Okay! And thank you! (I waived).

What is it about this silly little base move that can actually have an impact on a girl? It seems so silly that a guy acts so foolish as to honk as he drives by… but in turn, the physiological response I give, is about as silly. Heck yeah, I smile! I was feeling like I was having a skinny+good hair day and you just confirmed it!

Honk on, my guy friends! Because, at the end of the day… while we ladies may bitch about how boyish it is that you do that, we really are tickled deep down that you acknowledged us on the corner!



5 thoughts on “The Little Things (or, Primal Grunts)

  1. I would like to pass The Candle Lighter Award along to Thursday Morning Meditations. You bring a bright light to the blogging community in many ways! Read about The Candle Lighter at growthlines.wordpress.com/.

  2. Wow, my guy friend used to do that too. Lean over and honk at girls when I’m driving. Or he’d put the window down and whistle at them. I’d just shake my head in somewhat disgust.

    Funny how hypocritical it seems because when it happens to us, like you said, it feels good! Lol. It’s nice to know we can cause a stir every once in awhile, still got it!

    Keep makin’ ’em honk love!

    • Seriously… why do guys act *so immature* sometimes? (It cracks me up that you have THAT guy friend too.) But then again… why do respond flattered when we are the recipient of such a silly thing? Hehehe! I don’t know! It must just be one of those differences between men and women…

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