This is an ode to the unaware. A toast to the clueless, the obtuse. Recognition for the ones sporting mental blinders right now. You all leave me in awe.

The blissfully unaware (or, BU, here on out) are a special breed. They have a remarkably stalwart fortitude for their own mission. Very little will derail the BU because, afterall, the BU is actually unaware that something may be attempting a derailment.

It appears as though the BU comes out on top, at least in the short term. Of course, why wouldn’t they, if they are unaware that they shouldn’t be succeeding at that very moment?

The BU are often a pleasant folk, seemingly oblivious to any ill sentiment harbored against them. They are the epitome of water off a duck’s back.

My observations on the BU stem from two very different circumstances, both of which are close to me at the moment:

Party A: Girlfriend who is wildly in love with a man who is unlikely to settle down. She pushes along blindly, planning future events together, and family gatherings. All the while he is (possibly) dating other women, and assures his people that it isn’t that serious with Girlfriend. Yet, for all his assertions of casual dating, Girlfriend is right where she wants to be: on the the path to her own happily ever after.

Party B: The college-aged IT staffer at my office, who continues to wear designer jeans with substantial (and likely expensive) holes in them paired with skin-tight tee-shirts on a daily basis. I only notice this when his hair isn’t dyed patchwork red and black, or the pegs in his ear-lobes aren’t sparkling. For a professional office that maintains a business-casual dress code daily, I am so amazed at the BU and how he is oblivious to the fact that his attire and personal grooming habits are far from appropriate.

I raise a glass to you, the BU! You manage to make it through life without getting bogged down in the minutiae of adverse actions. You seemingly cruise through a gauntlet each day while incoming blows simply glance off you, leaving no mark. Your mission and being are on track, and nothing is going to get in the way for you!

I, on the other hand, am hyper-aware of the atmosphere around me. Any change in proverbial air pressure causes a flurry of thoughts to race through my mind: am I impacting anyone else? is my action here going to result in X, Y, or Z? do I want to continue on this path, or should I reevaluate? … I can’t say that I am BU.

Although, given my acknowledged propensity to over-think, perhaps I need to embrace a little BU-ness for this new year? 2012: the year of obliviousness! Who knows? It could be fun!

Happy New Year!



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