Thank you, Paulann over at Growthlines… for nominating TMM for the Kreativ Blogger Award! It is an honor to be nominated. 

This is my first nomination, and I never cease to be amazed at how people come to read these random musings. And likewise, the blogging world continuously fascinates me with its creativity, thought, and perspective.  I am somewhat delighted to know that writing is not becoming a lost art!

For this award, I have to share ten things you may not know.  Then I must pass the award on to at least six bloggers.

10 things you may not know

  • I am a one-sneezer.
  • In second grade, I broke my arm by “inventing a new way to go down the stairs.” (I do not recommend any method wherein your head goes first)
  • I have three cousins — between the four of us we cover 3 time zones, 3 countries, and 3 continents.
  • Rives on 4a.m. is one of my favorite TED talks.
  • I have five pets — all are boys.
  • Six years ago next week, my life undeniably changed forever.
  • I had a seven-month stint as a live window-model in a shoe store. (That’s not entirely true. I was hired as a sales associate; the store was so painfully slow that we would live model on the faux rock displays to pass the time).
  • For no reason whatsoever, eight is my favorite number.
  • I have been to all but nine of the states in the continental United States.
  • I have traveled through 10 countries in Europe.

6 bloggers nominated

2 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. I am nosy and intrigued as to how your life undeniably changed forever, but instead of prying I will say eight has always been my number. I think that means we’re awesome.

    However, I have 62 first and second cousins on one side of the family, hate travel and have never broken a bone. I think we can still be friends though. 😉

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