This is Part.1 of a 2-part post on the Modern Relationship… and I’m hauling out the biggest Borax box I can find. Fasten your seatbelts, friends; I’m a bit incensed here.

The Scene: wine before dinner, downtown bistro. Around the table sit the following: Man1, Woman1, Woman2, Man2, and Woman3. Their profiles reveal:

Man1: in a long-term relationship with a live-in girlfriend (not present at the table), which may or may not be on the rocks. (unconfirmed)
Woman1: in the process of divorcing her 2nd husband. Divorce not finalized.
Woman2: Married. Has not yet broached divorce with her husband.
Man2: Married; has asked wife for a divorce. Proceedings not yet begun.
Woman3: Single. Very single.

Man1 and Woman1 have begun a courtship. [Unknown as to whether Woman1 knows about Man1’s living situation]. Man2 and Woman2 have rekindled a romance from 15-years earlier and are planning their married life together. [Are fully informed of the other’s marital status].

  . . .

In what world is this right? Or normal? Am I so unbearably archaic that I am the only one seeing the issues all over this scenario? And this was not unique! Later that evening I received a phone call from Woman4 who is in the process of divorcing her husband, but has been ‘dating’ another guy for 2+ months now!

Is there something in the water? Because it sure seems like this exemplified behavior is actually the norm.

Whatever happened to ending a relationship (and, heaven forbid, having some down time) before moving on to the next?

This is not a new issue for me. Apparently, a year ago, I was contemplating the very same thing, with a twist, and without resolution. And I can’t say that I’m judging here, but I can’t wrap my mind around it, condone it, or even really comprehend it.

Is this a new phenomenon? Or, is this something that has been going on for generations, and I’m just not as intimately familiar with decades past?

Whatever the answers, this Single Girl is quite content to enjoy a debriefing period between relationships. There is no need, in my world, to muddy the waters between men, let alone drag one undeserving victim through said water in my own quest for passion.


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One thought on “Relationship Rant #1 (or, No End in Sight?)

  1. People are just so damn afraid of being alone that they’ll jump from one relationship to the next. What is so terrifying about being alone for a few months?

    They’ll keep failing if they don’t take time to figure out what went wrong the first time so they can avoid it the next go ’round. People just need to take time to find themselves. Discover a few things that make them happy. Re-visit childhood and think about the things they wanted when they were little kids.

    I was thinking about this last night, but in regards to Hollywood. Why is it so acceptable for celebs to go from a marriage to dating someone else two weeks later?

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