If Emily Post isn’t rolling over in her grave right now, she ought to be. The state of American etiquette is disappointing. It would take too long to expound on all that is dire in decorum today, but I do have one soapbox on which I will stand.


When did it become acceptable to hock a loogie in public? Within the last two weeks I had the following encounters:

1. Walking behind what appeared to be a supermarket employee on his way in for a shift, the man cleared his throat not five yards in front of me, turned and spit phlegm onto the parking lot, not once, but twice. (I felt compelled to tell a manager once inside of such behavior in front of customers, but elected to hasten through my shopping instead).

2. Upon leaving the courthouse the other morning, a woman didn’t even wait until she reached the parking lot before spitting to the side, along the sidewalk.

3. Waiting for a red light to turn, the man in the car in front of me leaned to his open window and hocked a glob onto the road.

The only place where I might consider spitting acceptable would be a baseball game, by players actually in the game. Everyone else, consider it bad form to engage in such filthy behavior!

But what about other cultures? I expect that in certain other countries, spitting may be very commonplace and acceptable.

I, however, am not in certain other countries. I am in, what used to be, a civilized nation, for which Ms. Post wrote extensive tomes for guidance when it comes to such basic behaviors as walking among people in public. I am quite sure spitting was taboo.

Soapbox concluded. For my friends strolling in public places, beware: spit happens.


Retro re-post of the day: Choices (or, The Road Less Traveled).


4 thoughts on “Emily is Rolling Over (or, Spitting Mad)

  1. Nothing irks my soul more than people who spit in public. I’ve seen spit on places that I don’t even want to tell you about. I’d love to take public transit more and save the earth, but the bus stop if filthy with spit. I’m terrified of it. *SHUDDER*

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