This morning’s meditation comes from some outside inspiration. Today I draw on country music artist Brad Paisley, who gave us the song “Letter to Me.” As he only provided the inspiration, my poetic license took it’s own variation. And if you had the chance… what would you tell yourself?

Dear Me,

Somewhere before kindergarten, the idea of ‘running away from home’ sounds appealing. Leave it at that: just an idea. Don’t take the family vacations for granted; they won’t always be there. Keep doing well in school; it pays off to be good sometimes. Keep up with the piano lessons, you will want to be better one day; it’s okay to give up on the clarinet, you’ll sell it later for a nice bit of money. Being the ‘good girl’ isn’t a bad thing. But going mudding on the farmer’s field is not a good idea. Take Dad’s stick-shift driving lessons to heart — this will come in useful many times over your lifetime, and all of it is fun. Oh…and in high school, do not wear your headgear to school. Period.

Well done you for waiting so long. You could probably even wait a little longer; the first time really ought to be with someone special. Try studying a little harder in college, too; again, it will pay off down the road. Don’t give up yet on Spanish… you will want it later on. You made the right decision to not travel on September 16, 2001; you will get the chance to go to Ireland in a few years.

Spend more time with Mom and don’t get frustrated as her age and illness become more apparent. Patience is a virtue. And when her lifetime runs out, there will be no more time.

Don’t settle for things in your life that are not up to your standards. Hold the men in your life accountable for things that are important to you. Don’t spend so much time in your head; there’s a whole world out there that is far better than the scenarios you are playing out up there.

And even though this one seems like an obsolete thought, given the advent of near-prevalent caller-ID, remember what Mom used to say: Always answer the phone with a smile — the other person can hear it.

Hang in there, Lady. There will always be ups and downs, but the mountains trump the valleys every day.


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