Did you hear that? September arrived! It’s fall, and you know what that means! College football season!

New coaches. New recruits. New Conference divisions. What an exciting fall we have ahead of us!

I can’t help but wax endlessly about college football, and so here is my Special Saturday edition and ode for the 2011 season:

The Best of College Football

When fall rolls around, the air grows cool
The colors change, and we’re back at school
Each Saturday for the next months three
Cheering on the week’s rivalry.

From the Swamp to the Big House, fans all come in mass
Behind Traveler, Bevo or Uga, cheering alike the down or the pass.
It’s opening weekend across all the land;
Time for rankings to shatter, and the BCS be damned.

New paint each week on the lids for Notre Dame,
While a divided Big 10 just isn’t the same.
And Papa Joe leads the Lions at least one more go,
While Oklahoma ponders a move down the road.

The Gator Chomp, the Tomahawk Chop,
The Little Brown Jug and Howard’s Rock.
That blue field at Boise State,
and there’s always the Buckeyes, who we all love to hate.

So whoever your team, your chant or your cheer
Let us all rejoice that football is finally here.
And I beg the Almighty that Hoke finds a way,
to lead UofM to “Play like a champion today.”

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