By and large, I am still the Single Girl. Which means, therefore, that I am at my own devices for supporting myself financially here. (Read: blessed with full-time employment that can support (most of) my lifestyle).

So, with that background in mind, envision my recent observations. Or, as one quirky high school math teacher used to say, “Observe this:”

Many of my friends of have children. Nearly all of the moms work outside the home. However, of the three who have somewhat recently become newly-minted stay-at-home-moms, each has scored a rockin’ hot body with her new status! Well… okay, so this new hot body has come a few months into stayhomehood, but nonetheless… bam! There it is! Toned! Tan! Two sizes smaller (at least)!

No wonder the Real Housewives look hot… they stay at home too!

Is there something to this? What is the magic key in staying home that ‘does a body good’?

Seriously, though… what is it that the full-time gal isn’t getting/doing/etc. that the stay-at-home  woman is? I’m not saying that working women are in bad shape… but the observation is drawn solely on the three instances I’ve watched lovely women leave the full-time workforce and 20+lbs behind and become Hot Mamas!

And again, my daydreams of becoming a Lady of Leisure are affirmed…


Good morning!

2 thoughts on “A Turn of Fortunes (or, Hot Mamas)

  1. Maybe the working woman doesn’t have time to plan proper meals, they’re always on the go grabbing whatever hasn’t reached it’s best buy date or fast foods.

    I think staying home, at times, allows for planning a grocery list and preparing proper meals. Not that stay at home mom’s are sitting around, they care also on the go, which means they aren’t sitting in an office chair, locked in buildings all day. Fresh air, and less stress does a body good. That’s my take anyway!

    • I comply concur and I think you hit the nail on the head. I think it would be a lovely thing to actually *plan a meal*! What an archaic-sounding activity that is in our busy, busy lives! Ah, such is life, right?

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