Periodically, we humans recycle things. I’m not talking about the daily paper and plastic sorting we do; rather, I am talking about much larger things. Fashion, for example, is an observable recycling effort. Remember those acid wash Guess jeans, circa 1987? Dig them out of storage because  you can get a few more miles out of them these days.

I’m not so interested in fashion right now, though. Instead, I’ve been a bit inspired, posthumously, by Amy Winehouse. Her live “Valerie” recording (if you can get past the addict’s itch) is really soulful and earthy. Not unlike Adele. Or Joss Stone. Sade’s been doing it for decades. And Etta and Aretha even longer. Dare I say that women in soul are coming back?


In the last few days, Nameberry.com released a blurb that got picked up by scores of entertainment news channels (my favorite kind!): The Hottest Baby Names of 2011. Aside from the obligatory celeb-inspired selections (read: Mila, Pippa, and Adele), the striking note I saw is that vintage names are also coming back! Perhaps we won’t be seeing Doris or Ethel anytime soon, but Archer, Harper, Atticus, and Arlo are apparently popping up on birth certificates in record numbers! And I can confirm a “sighting”: a friend of a friend birthed an Atticus just last week! (Apparently this lives beyond “To Kill a Mockingbird”!)

What else is making a comeback? So far, I am quite delighted with the things that have made a nice resurgence. Good music. Nice, classic names. I can dig this stuff.

Although, I am not holding my breath that the art of love letter writing will come back anytime soon. Goodness; it’s hard enough to get an email or text out these days, let alone to actually sit down and pen such prose.

But what would someone think if you actually wrote something like what Tsarina Alexandra issued to her husband, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia? “Off you go again alone and its with a very heavy heart I part from you.  No more kisses and tender caresses for ever so long — I want to bury myself in you, hold you tight in my arms, make you feel the intense love of mine.

Do we modern women not feel something of the sort when the ones we love travel for an extended period of time? Or do we not allow ourselves, in our busy lives, to capture these feelings… do we merely kiss au revoir and move on about our business? And what if we paused a moment to reflect on our desire to hold one tight in our arms as they are embarking on a trip?

We may have time to recycle vintage names. But, alas, I don’t suppose we will be scribing love letters anytime soon.



One thought on “Rebirth (or, Calling on Historic Times)

  1. I love the old names! I don’t understand the trendy stuff. I like names with meaning, not some made up crap that the kid can’t live up to!

    Ahh, I remember when we moved from Jamaica 19 years ago and I’d write letters to my family and little friends back home! Oh how the times have changed. I’m marrying the first dude who sends me a hand written love letter that arrives via mail! Lol.

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