My dearest darling:

Somehow I find myself yearning to set fire to the rain. Every ember inside of me, this blazing pyre of passion, is the sweetest taboo. When I think about you, the sun shines brighter, the hawk flies higher, and through the gentle rustling leaves is the sound of love. Is it a crime that I am loving you more every day? If it be, then I am guilty in the highest, and come what may of the punishment I have earned.

If ever a love there was, none so much can compare at last to this love I have by your side. And as you share your love with me, the world’s heart skips a beat, not unlike my own.

How does a girl get so lucky to be spoiled? In all the world, and in all the faces, I never dreamed I would find someone like you. But you had me at our first dinner together and now it’s my turn to dance among the clouds. Trust in me, and waltz with me up here until the sun sets for the very last time.

Trusting that you will take care and hold tenderly this piece of my heart, I remain

very truly yours,


Adele  ~:~  Aretha Franklin  ~:~ Etta James  ~:~  Joss Stone  ~:~  Sade


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