And, on to my next guilty pleasure. Ms. Nikks, if you enjoyed PostSecret, feast your eyes upon Dear Photograph. Possibly inspired by the Canon “Second Shot” commercial from recent years (remember the couple in the plaza in Barcelona?), Dear Photograph is a beautiful site the marries the past with the present.

Like the PostSecrets, the Dear Photographs run the range of fun and whimsical to touching and teary. And it has made me think: what would I choose to Dear Photograph, if I could?

Well, the question was answered more by what old photos could I unearth in order to accomplish the project… Finding and selecting the photos was certainly fun; but once I stood behind the camera and looked at each photo in its space, the past, my past, hit me hard. I encourage you to try your own version of this project; but just be ready because the emotions may rise.

(And I am certainly not done with this one. I am looking forward to digging out the favorite vacation spot ones and having a go! Road trip anyone?)

Dear Photograph: When did they stop dancing in the living room?

Dear Photograph: Everyone should be that happy on their wedding day!

Dear Photograph: Who let me get that haircut?

Dear Photograph: Wow! They threw a lot of parties around there!

Dear Photograph: Who's that cute little kid? 😉

Dear Photograph: At least there's a safety lock on the lower cupboard!

Dear Photograph: I like to think she's watching over this house now.


And for another fun twist on this, check out Canon’s Second Shot project, helping recreate great memories.

2 thoughts on “A Walk in Time (or, My Own Project)


    I love how you’ve lined up the originals to blend with the new shot. Creative. Thanks a lot for giving me another site to explore for hours. Lol. Now I’m wanting to do this!

    Love all the photos by the way. Yeah whatever happened to house parties and couples dancing away in the living rooms?! No more living is happening in living rooms huh?!

    • Whoever came up with this idea is truly brilliant! And I am still taken aback at how moved I am to see these overlays. Definitely do it! And if you can find some from the Island for your next trip, that would be even cooler!

      I think adults don’t host big social gatherings like they used to. I think we need to revive it! Viva the [adult] house party!

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