It’s no secret that my favorite time of day is those few minutes right before the sun comes up. No matter where I am in this world, there is something fantastically peaceful and beautiful about this point in the morning — whether it be New York City, or a ranch in Wyoming; Paris, or the cobbled streets of a village in southern England.Especially if I am traveling, I like to take a run in my temporary surroundings at this time of day. There is so much to take in, and often it gets lost in the buzz of human traffic or a wide-awake-world.

The following photos were inspired after a pre-dawn run through Montreal last week. Aside from the ornate and unique wrought-iron fire escapes everywhere, what I noticed is that each door was its own statement — not unlike the person living behind it. These are but a few, from a couple-block radius near Hotel du Fort, off St. Catherine’s.

Imposing doors.

Sibling doors.

Little doors.

Formal doors.

Bold doors.

Polished doors.

Ajar doors.

Old doors.

Artsy doors.

Drop-off doors.

Off-center doors.

Garden doors.

Fancy doors.


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3 thoughts on “Montreal Flavor (or, Welcome, Stranger)

  1. When I studied Art History, I definitely wanted to head to Montreal and check out the architecture. Sadly, I’ve yet to make it there. Love love love the photos. I love that you find things like doors so beautiful and captivating. I think those are gorgeous shots. Definitely says a lot about the people behind it.

    I want that garden door and landscaping!

    • Madam, are you not practically a neighbor of Montreal? I mean, you are half-way there already! Go! Today! It will be a beautiful weekend there! And yes, much cool architecture and things to discover!

      • You’d think because it’s the same country it’d be cheap to fly out…WRONG! It’s costing close to a thousand dollars. Ridiculous. Lol…one of these days, it’s on my list.

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