Often I feel like the title of Suze Orman’s book: “Young, Fabulous & Broke.” Has she met me? How did she know?

Every time I get something stowed away in savings, something comes up a few months down the road and *poof* there it goes.

So what is the secret? How does one successfully keep such something stowed and secreted away?

Part of my problem, at least as I view it, is that I don’t have an end goal. “To have a millionaire’s savings” is too nebulous. “To save for the future.” Too infinite.

I’ve got the retirement thing on track, but it’s this savings thing with which I struggle.

I’m not in the market to buy a house…but perhaps I should be? That’s a clear goal. Perhaps I should find something I would buy and post a photo of it near my computer as a reminder. And then stow some money away as if I were going to buy the house somewhere down the road.

But then again, that is hard for me to envision, also. It seems so vague to consider buying a house 4 or 5 years down the road. Seriously… I know the real estate market is bad, but it’s not so bad that this house I have posted on the wall near my computer will still be for sale some 60 months from now.

I think it really all comes down to a destination. As I read recently, “If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you plan on getting there?

The nebulous destinations don’t lend themselves to well-defined paths.

So… how do you set an indeterminate end goal? Or, is there a tangible end-goal I am overlooking?

As the CFO of my company once told me: “Don’t worry about the money in 20s and 30s… that is the time to hone your skill. The money will then follow later.” Which is nice, but I’m tired of being Young, Fabulous, and Broke. I would like to be Young, Fabulous, and Comfortable. Or, better yet, Young, Fabulous, and Thoughtfully-Saved.

Time to pick a somewhat less-nebulous goal. A flat dollar-amount. $10,000. Ouch. Even that sounds scary to me! But, the time is now. Because it certainly isn’t saving itself. And somehow, making a public declaration about it seems to instill a sense of dedication to the goal. Go forth and save!


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