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Some people just don’t get it. Some people can’t see past their own existence. Some people are so consumed by money that they are ignorant of the greater world.

And then there are a few players in the NBA who made a monumentally generous gift to people they will never meet: $1000 per point scored in a game to the people of Japan, suffering from the recent devastating earthquake.

I applaud these players who took what they do, and used their profession to better the people in this world.

The flipside, the ones who seemingly can’t see past their own existences, of course are the NFL players who, through their union, are threatening to strike over contract disputes. Likely over pay. Really? Because $8.8 million to finish the 2011 year isn’t enough, Kyle Orton? Or what about you, Ben Roethlisberger, do you really need all of that $102,000,000 over 8 years? Okay… maybe you have some attorney’s fees to pay off, but seriously. Striking over money when one of this world’s most productive countries has been leveled by Mother Nature?

This is reminiscent of the post-Hurricane Katrina season when the actor’s union took up a strike over wages. George Clooney stepped up and reminded the spoiled Hollywood set that, in such times, their own pockets could probably fare fine without the extra cash. And then he turned around and gave $1 million to aid the Gulf’s hurricane victims.

Today’s TMM is a toast: to the NBA players who have led by example and looked beyond themselves for once, sharing their wealth with those half a world away who couldn’t even watch the game on TV because there was no power some 10 or 15 days later.


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2 thoughts on “Money Matters (or, In a Different League)

  1. Most people are all for themselves. They can’t look beyond their own front door or even spare a moment to wonder how another family might be doing.

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