It seems like everyone is surveying something now. If somebody surveyed SurveyMonkey, they’d surely find my information and opinions on about 26 different subject areas right now. I even got one from my credit card company this week, basically asking me the level of happiness I have with said card and in comparison to others.

In law school, we called it the “Post-Mortem”… discussing major things (like exams) after they were done and it was a fruitless effort at that point anyway.

But what about a personally-useful (or potentially so) survey? Sure, it’s definitely a post-mortem. But, would it be inappropriate to send out the “Ex Survey”? You know… it’s like an exit interview for a relationship, but it doesn’t have to actually be done in person.

There could be a template that everyone could use: simple and straightforward. Or, if you want to customize it, that’s an extra $5. But the template one would be pretty sufficient for most, I think. It could look like this:

These might be particularly good for those short-lived relationships, because often those don’t have lengthy breakup explanations. After 3 months, a sufficient parting of the ways with “Well, take care” and no hard feelings often doesn’t generate the “Was it the sock thing?” questions that an 11-month relationship might warrant.

Maybe there would be a helpful recommendation in there. I’m not saying you should change for people… but perhaps “shave your armpit hair” under “Other: Explain…” is really not a bad suggestion.

And who knows? Maybe 10s across key items in question 4 will give you the confidence you need to pursue that Culinary Institute class you’ve been secretly dreaming of trying?

Just a thought. Perhaps I should survey some friends to see if this dog will hunt?


Retro re-post of the day: Irons in the Fire.

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