• What ever happened to Bill S. Preston (Esq.)? I mean, Ted “Theodore” Logan went on to have a most excellent career (relatively speaking, of course).
  • What determines whether someone will have a Ones, an Elevens, or a One-Elevens? Does a stressed and furious person always have a One-Elevens, and a Ones is just what you get by default when you approach 30?
  • Evidence of the Aging Apocalypse: I identified the sales clerks at Bed Bath & Beyond as the “cute young things” the other day. This was a distinct realization that I longer identified myself in the young 20-something/could-be-a-college-co-ed category. Crap. Did they hand this one out at my 30th birthday, too, and I just forgot to write the thank you card?
  • Evidence of the Aging Apocalypse II: I was content to be ready for bed at 7:30 last Friday night. In the not-so-distant past, phone calls would start coming in at 7:30 (or 8 or 9:30), trying to coordinate what establishments we would frequent that evening. And it was not unusual to head out to a bar at 10:30 at night, every Friday and Saturday night. When did this stop? When did the last-minute Friday night social director retire?
  • Why does it pour when it rains? Well… you know the actual expression. Anyway; I digress. I’ve been fundamentally single (save for a few casual dates here or there) for the last oh… 18 months? And this week, this week, I have 3 unrelated friends ask if they can set me up with someone, or orchestrate an introductory lunch. Hello? Where were y’all over the last year and half?


Retro re-post of the day: What Was I Thinking?

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