Holy crap! Where did the last 6 Thursday mornings go? Nevermind. Those were so last year. On to 2011 (with my sincerest and humblest apologies, of course).

After a humblingly profligate pilgrimage to the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale last night in search of all things matching, I felt quite satisfied with my satiny additions, each a paired piece. I took delight in the silly and cliché thought this morning that, if I were to get in an auto accident today (and the roads are quite nasty, I assure you), at least I would not only have clean (and new!) underwear on, but that it matches the lovely new bra I am wearing also.

And then the notion struck me, as I drove in (blessedly accident-free) to work: do men really care if it matches?

Fleeting thoughts that had crossed my mind in the last 24 hours somewhere recklessly:

  • Well done marketing people at Victoria’s Secret: you have successfully built an empire on garments that are seen by someone other than the wearer approximately 1.2% of the time. (Selling ice to an Eskimo?)
  • I just love matching underwear! There is something amazingly sexy to myself in knowing something naughty(?) that nobody else knows or can see.
  • Do men even notice the color of your bra, or is their prime concern whether the clasp is in the front or back?

So really, my intimacy-deprived mind keeps pondering: does the fact that my bra and panties match make an iota of difference to the one guy who gets to enjoy them on my body? Is it any sexier? Is it interesting? Does he appreciate it?

I take some small solace in the notion that there are other women out there who share my passion for matching undergarments. Well, at least Marian Keyes would have me believe that one fictional heroine enjoys her neatly paired knickers.

At the end of the day, I know that I enjoy a matched pair. So Victoria’s Secret, take heed: my VIP Angel’s card and I are always looking!

Happy New Year!


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