It’s soapbox time.

Generally speaking, I have no problem that my married friends are married, or other friends are in serious relationships. This gripe does not come from that corner of the Single Gal’s mind. It comes from this:  why (and how?) are the currently-divorcing people already dating?

I know a significant handful of people whose divorces are not final (and the ink may still be wet on the original complaint!), and yet they are dating other people already!

I have a fundamental issue with the fact that they are technically still married … but that aside, I feel like it’s selfish and greedy! Technically, you are detaining 2 people from the dating world at one time! So in what universe are you entitled to have more than your share of datable people?

Until your divorce is final, you shouldn’t be poaching available people. Legitimately single people should have the first opportunity here.

That is all.


Seriously? Again?

Retro re-post of the day: Making it Count (or, Where’s My Degree From the Electoral College?).

2 thoughts on “A Case of Greed (or, the Single Gal’s Gripe)

  1. *Applause*

    I agree with you on this one. Why are you dating when you’re still married? How do you move on so quickly when just ending something with someone you were supposed to have loved? People amaze me. Not in a good way. Lol.

    Hahaha at the sign. Wow. Same location?

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