• Why must tea steep in hot water?
  • Why do animals (deer, squirrels, etc.) go back the way they came from if they stop in the middle of the road, and then decide to run from you? Why don’t they just keep going in the direction in which they were headed?
  • Why are is the Jen-Brad-Angelina saga still on the covers of celeb mags? It feels as if a monthly battle continues as to which of those three will be on the cover of one of the magazines… even occasionally still with a headline about when Brad & Angie actually got together or whatnot. Still?
  • Why do certain hair colors bestow particular names upon the bearer? For example, blonde and brunette. And redhead doesn’t quite fit,  but the particular name is really simply a reiteration of the color…which would be really unfortunate if it was used as the descriptive scheme for black-haired people.


Retro re-post of the day: The Perfect Fit.

One thought on “Meditations in Brief

  1. Lmao, you always raise some very good questions in these brief blogs. Never thought about the tea or animal thing…*scratches head*

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