It’s Thursday morning, the sun is shining, the sky is clear blue, and the mountains unroll before me as I sit here with coffee in hand, lounging in sleepwear on the porch. In an hour or so, or whenever we manage to get around to it, my aunt and I will head down to Beaver Brook (a several-thousand acre open space park in the mountains of Colorado) to take her dog on a hike.

Normally, by 10:46am (eastern time, of course), I will have spent an hour at the gym, cruised through 30+/- emails, evicted a tenant, put out a proverbial fire on a construction site, and drafted a contract with a new owner.

Today, however, I am enjoying a day of leisure. (The guilt hasn’t quite set in yet, although I am sure it will soon).

A friend who also joins me at the gym at the 6am hour and I always day dream about what it would be like to be ladies of leisure — the women who stroll into the gym at 8:37 or so, looking amazingly refreshed and put together (particularly for the morning), spend an hour in YogaFit with their friends, and then head out to coffee, rounding out the morning, by stylishly picking up fresh flowers at the local florist or something similar.

I am not a lady of leisure. Although, as my friend and I insist, we would do a nice job of it. I’m practicing now, you see. Instead of eating my morning protein bar on the way to the gym, I actually cut up fresh peaches and added the slices, with a splash of vanilla extract, to plain vanilla yogurt and had the most delightful breakfast! It took all of 5 minutes!

While I would truly enjoy this fresh yogurt/coffee/morning porch routine on an indefinite basis, I know that this is not my (current) reality. However, what I can take away from this is that 5 minutes of something leisurely can make a big difference in a day. Perhaps when I am back home, I will take a few minutes in the morning to actually make something interesting for breakfast, rather than defaulting to a Maple Nut Breakfast Bar. While I am not a lady of leisure daily, I can add leisurely things to my day.

I think this is what they mean by stopping and smelling the roses. May you, too, enjoy a day/hour/or 5 minutes of leisure.


Retro re-post of the day: Language of Love.

Good morning! (Or, Good evening, rather, as the case may be).

3 thoughts on “Lady of Leisure (or, Taking 5 Minutes)

  1. Ahh, the good life. You’re not helping my hunger issues though, talking about food even if it’s just peaches and yogurt at 2:39 a.m. Help me Lord, do not make me walk into that kitchen. Lol.

    You should add something special and leisure-like to your days. It makes all the difference. You feel so much better and even a little pampered. Hope you can stick to it. Lol.

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