How did you two meet? This is a common question that couples face. The single version sounds more like this: Where do you meet somebody?

Having been in the dating world for nearly 15 years, I have succeeded in meeting someone: in class, through friends, on a dating website, and at work. I cannot check the box for successfully starting a relationship from a bar.

But, as a handful of [single] girlfriends and I contemplate each signing up for a different dating website and comparing our stories, I thought I would do some research this time. How do you pick a dating website? And how do you know that the person you should be dating (or at least finding) is on the one dating website you picked? And is it better to peruse profiles, or to be paired by Pentium? I sought reviews.

While I didn’t find a definitive answer, I did discover a somewhat shocking ‘statistic’: many dating sites have 10-30% more men than women. (!)

Really? Men are spending all their time online? As one friend pointed out tonight, it’s because it’s easier!

Anyway… I juxtapose this idea with the observation that when I go out to a bar or similar venue, I see pockets of single women. Pairs, threes, mini-mafias. What I don’t see are many groups of single guys.

So this makes me wonder… are they missing each other? The women are going to the bar, and the men are sitting at home filling out their 29 points of compatibility.

So now what is the lesser of the two evils: “I picked up your mother at the bar one night…” or “I met husband online…”?

Either way, why not double my chances? A few more visits to the bar each month … and a new adventure into web-initiated dating. A couple more irons in the fire couldn’t hurt.


Retro re-post of the day: In a Man’s World [not for the faint of heart].

One thought on “Dating Disconnect (or, Finding Common Ground)

  1. Lmao at doubling your chances. I’m scared of dating websites. I’m cool with online, like facebook friendship that blossoms haha. I dunno about the sites designed for dating though. I’m scared. I’ll read your adventures and live through you.

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