Number 159. That is the locker I use at the gym. Strike that. That is the locker I used at the gym, until some lady took it over while I was on a few-week hiatus. I now use Number 117.

2nd space from right. That is where I park my car each day at the office. Strike that. That is where I used to park my car until one of the interns started parking there [every day!], because she gets there before I do.

I have no ownership interest in either of these… nor do I even have a leasehold (or rental) interest in either of these. These things are something to which I have simply grown into the habit of.

So why is it that I am mildly (or not so mildly) bothered that some random person takes over “my locker” when I’m not at the gym for a number of weeks… or “my parking space” when there are plenty of others, just because the intern gets to work a few minutes before I do each day?

I have no right to stake a claim on these things… and it would be relatively silly to even do so… so why is it that something so inconsequential in the greater scheme of things is somewhat annoying? Is it because it rocks my comfortable world of habit? Or perhaps it is a little, tiny bit of control that is being usurped? Granted, I don’t get irate over such things… but I do recognize that I (at minimum) take notice or (more often) am slightly annoyed.

Perhaps I should subscribe to the zen-art of habits? No habit is worth getting bothered by? Regardless, I still like my 2nd-over parking spot… and I often miss my original locker space. But at the end of the day, my life isn’t impacted by this, and it isn’t worth the momentary blip of bother that crosses my mind.

But until then, I will get to work a few minutes earlier tomorrow, just because …


Retro re-post of the day: Snobbery.


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