• Confession: I think the Allstate Mayhem guy is hot. Maybe it’s his bad boy persona, under the nice suit. Maybe it’s the hair. Maybe it’s the slightly wraspy, totally sexy voice. Whatever. He’s hot. (Sorry, State Farm, even though you have Mr. Dempsey, I may have to switch to Allstate).
  • What causes the low-hanging full moon to be vivid orange sometimes? And why sometimes is it so impossibly huge, yet the next month, it’s ‘normal’ again when it rises full?
  • Does retail therapy do any good, other than boost the economy? I am sure the FedEx guy is getting a kick out of the daily packages from SportsBasement, Victoria’s Secret, and whatnot. If not, don’t tell my dogs… today they were the beneficiaries of 4 new toys.
  • I think I’ve asked this one before, but if I haven’t, it’s been on my mind a lot (again) lately: why are bass boats glittery? This population of consumer does not strike me as the sparkly kind.

Retro re-post of the day: The Morning After.


2 thoughts on “Meditations in Brief

  1. Oh my my my, he’s a bad bad man and I like it! Wow! Can I borrow him when you’re through?

    The moon is so hauntingly beautiful. I’ll never understand the workings of our universe.

    Retail therapy…I never used to believe in it. It does help, it does work. I’m a believer.

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