I live up north. So up north, that only in the last few weeks have these creatures ventured out of hibernation and back into the world. I’m not talking about bears (although, some of these might sound like one) … I am talking about exotic cars.

I’m a car girl. I’m not sure when it happened, but something caught my eye once upon a time and it’s all been downhill from there. Well, now that we are assured salt will not be dumped on the roads anytime again soon, the cars are starting to come out again, with a vengeance… and I couldn’t be happier! Last night, a sexy Maserati GranTurismo pulled out next to me on my way home. Earlier this week, the sleek Jaguar XF crossed my path.

This is one area where I will gleefully admit to having expensive taste. And I have a “wish list,” if you will, of cars I would like to have in my garage at one point or another. And of course, the garage is only necessary because I can drive but one at a time!

With nothing more than these cars make me melt, here’s a quick little look into my fantasies:

5. Mercedes 300 SL Gull wing coupe (circa 1956). Just because.

4. Morgan +4 (circa 1950s or 1960s (even though the remake was a home run)). Ah… can’t you just picture yourself touring around the Cotswolds? British beauty at its best!

3.  Austin Healey 100S. I am a fan of Big Healeys, but the fold-down windshield? Awesome!

2. Porsche 356 Speedster. I did not know this existed until Porsche launched a commercial for a new model, and featured the 550 in it (which is an awesome model by itself)… but in looking for that, I found the 356. Very classy. And a great job, considering this was Ferdinand Porsche’s first production model!

1. (Ferrari) Dino 246 GTS. This one has held the number one spot since I first laid eyes on those incredible lines. Technically, the Ferrari purists will say it was never badged under the rampant horse, but it still is a product of Enzo’s brilliance.

Happy motoring!


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2 thoughts on “Scuderia Mia (or, A Girl Can Dream)

  1. The Morgan +4, absolute mechanical perfection. You, my friend, have fantastic car taste. The others are fantastic as well, but I’ve always had a thing for Morgans. They’re classy, simply stated, but sexy and powerful still.

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