It’s here! The day that 32 nations have been anticipating. The day for which South Africa has been building stadiums. The day when Côte d’Ivoire is tied with Brazil, or Ghana and Germany are equals… until the first 90 minutes expire. This is the day that the World Cup kicks off!

While the Olympics are pretty amazing in their own right, it’s hard to compare to World Cup soccer. Soccer (perhaps like music?) is truly an international language. Travel to the farthest corners of the world, or the depths of the nearest borough, and there you will find them: people kicking around a ball. It’s simple; people can play it anywhere; and yet, lives are taken over the sport.

What else elicits such passion in people?

Where else in the world do you find the most loyal of fans? I mean, really… Packers fans don’t travel nearly as far as Brazilian fans for their team!

What other sport on earth would ESPN relocate SportCenter for for 30 days, during the NBA Finals, US Open golf tourney, and the baseball season? (thank goodness there will be scenes from something other than baseball in the Top 10 plays of the day for the next month)

What other event would Lloyd’s of London insure for more than $9 billion?

And where else is a head-butt or the Hand of God so celebrated and at the same time, so outrageous?

Yes, my friends, we are blessed with 30 days of world class World Cup soccer. Whether you are pulling for the 3 Lions, or the American darkhorse, you will be in for some brilliant soccer from the land that rose from Apartheid on the soles of footballers.

And one of the best parts of it all? The end of the game…


Retro re-post of the day: Music of Our Lives.

One thought on “The Next 30 Days (or, Sportings Best)

  1. Football (soccer) is great to watch, it’s one of the only sports I’ll actually sit there and watch from beginning to end. I think because I grew up watching local guys play every Sunday in Jamaica I have a love for it.

    Damn, did you have to put that last picture…GULP!

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