• Do chronic apologizers really mean it when they issue the 40th “I’m sorry” in a day? Is there really any sincerity behind it? I would tend to think so, because those people feel compelled to continually apologize for minor events, which would lead to believe they feel bad about whatever just happened. I am not a chronic apologizer, however, and I am occasionally annoyed by them; don’t keep apologizing for something you did wrong: fix it so you don’t have to apologize to me again!
  • Why is everyone requesting tips now? I love my pizza guy, but if I go pick it up and the tip jar is sitting out,  I feel awkward; I don’t like it. The one that put me over the edge lately, though: the new frozen yogurt shop — it’s a totally do-it-yourself concept, from picking up the styrofoam cup, to pulling the yogurt lever, to adding the mix-ins, to putting the whole thing on the scale so they can tell you how much you owe based on weight. Really? I should tip you for the time you spent standing there watching me make my own dessert?
  • Do vegetarians swallow?
  • If you are applying for a professional position in a company, please sign up for a free yahoo or gmail account with a sensible name. Do you truly believe I am taking you seriously when the resume comes from sxxykara@whatever or balls2u@wherever?


Retro re-post of the day: Differences of Opinion.


3 thoughts on “Meditations in Brief

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly on the chronic apologizers. I don’t get it. Some apologize when they don’t even do anything wrong. Me? If I did something wrong I’ll apologize once and once only, so move it along.

    The vegetarian comment/question, ha I often wonder the same thing.

    Do people actually apply for jobs with those ridiculous e-mail addresses?! Please tell me you were just joking! Wow.

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