Everybody has a word they use to celebrate mini victories or happy moments with their friends. “Nice.” “Right on.” “Fantastic!” “Excellent.” “Woohoo!” You get my drift.

The one that really irritates me lately is “Yay.” I understand that colloquial expressions can become mainstream, but this one just doesn’t work for me.

Please. It’s “yea.” You can celebrate the arrival of the weekend, the Red Wings march to the Stanley Cup, and discovering a $10 bill (albeit freshly laundered) in your jean pocket with this just fine. You don’t need any extra y’s. And please don’t add an h… you have then just turned your celebration into a mellow acknowledgment.

I am not on a personal crusade to rid the world of “yay,” and I certainly don’t think any less of you for being on board that popular train. But I will generally stop reading your Facebook status up dates if you start one with “Yay”… I automatically tune out and fail to read about whatever it is you are excited. And when we are speaking, I picture the correct spelling when you utter that lovely 3-letter word.

I can’t change the world’s use of phonetic spellings and poor grammar (although Sharon Eliza Nichols has done a great job in bringing such tragedies to light). But, I do implore that you try out “yea” the next time you celebrate. It really does have a nice ring.


Retro re-post of the day: Gender Wars: an age-older question.


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