Maybe our parents had it right all along? Lately I am finding that little things from my childhood are cropping back up in my adult life. However, with most of these things, there was a distinct period when they certainly were not cool.


Mittens. These were a staple of our childhood winters. The through-the-jacket strap so you couldn’t lose them? Genius. And then we hit the first grade. You wouldn’t get caught dead with mittens anymore! That was so kindergarten. But, wait! Somewhere after high school ski club days of freezing cold fingers in gloves, we realized that mittens are pretty handy things! And “stupid-straps” around the wrist? Of course!

Sippy cup. Okay; to be perfectly fair, when I was a child, the sippy cup looked more like this than the sophisticated option at left for today’s cosmopolitan child. But, as I discovered in the Big Box Store the other day, they apparently make sippy cups for adults now. And I have a hard time differentiating between what I acquired and what the toddler in the stroller down the aisle has.

Rain Boots (or, more properly: Wellies). Again, a staple of childhood life in northern climates. They didn’t breath, but that also meant they were nearly 100% impermeable. Bring on the puddles! After a good decade of ruining every pair of shoe thereafter in the rain, suddenly, Wellies look pretty snazzy again.

So what have you resurrected into your adulthood from decades past?


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2 thoughts on “Like a Kid Again (or, It’s All Coming Back)

  1. Lol @ all these things. I can’t think of anything I had in my childhood that I’m now using in adult re-vamped form. Lol lol. I did love my sippy cup. My pink sippy cup with elephants..lol I miss that thing. Hahaha.

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