I’m a farm girl. Or, if you prefer, a country girl. Either way, manual labor is part of life. (Remember “The Simple Life”?) Well, I finally figured out how to make productive use of my “chores” (because feeding the horses, pruning the trees, and stacking the hay bales aren’t productive activities around the farm).

With my simple guide, you too, can have a Body by (Wheel)Barrow. Today’s focus: upper body. Utilize any combination of these exercises to achieve Kenny Chesney arms.

Photo courtesy BNA Records.

1. Wheelbarrow Reps.

Target muscles: triceps

Motion: while wheeling the loaded wheelbarrow (with dirt, mulch, manure… pick your country poison) to its destination, raise the handles of the wheelbarrow until you achieve a 90-degree angle at your elbow, and then lower. Repeat until you get to your destination.

2. Hay Bale Dead Lifts.

Target muscles: all in the arm

Motion: Disregard all the doctor’s orders and lift the 60-pound hay bales without using your legs. Also, refrain from using your back, or any other body part. Use only your arms to elevate, move, or throw the hay bale. [This exercise was gifted to us from PersonalBest, who graciously helped me stack hay each year, despite being allergic to hay; he compensated by never letting it touch his body… thus, our dead lift].

3.  Rake Raises.

Target muscles: deltoid, brachialis

Motion: Grasp the rake, hoe, pitchfork, etc. (for extra work, you may use a shovel) in the middle of the staff, holding it parallel to the ground. While keeping the hoe-holding arm straight, raise the tool in front of you until your arm is also parallel to the ground; lower. Repeat with one arm until you get to your rake-requiring task. Perform said task. Repeat with remaining arm on the way back.

4. Bucket Bends.

Target muscles: trapezius, bicep, tricep, brachioradialis

Motion: Fill the horse’s water bucket 4/5 with water. Place both hands on the handle, approximately 4″ apart, palms down. Raise the bucket to chest level, then lower, and repeat while walking to the horse’s stall to place the bucket. The rep is finished in the up-position when you leave the bucket in the rack. Do not spill the water.

4.5 Bucket Curls.

Target muscles: bicep, brachialis, brachioradialis

Motion: Identical to Bucket Bends above, except place your hands palm-up. Again, do not spill the water.

*These exercises have not been approved by any source, whatsoever. Including Kenny Chesney or his personal trainer. Please consult your physician, therapist, masseuse, and estate planning attorney before beginning any exercise routine, including this. Please do chores responsibly.



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