• Why don’t they make laundry detergent out of the same stuff that’s in Resolve carpet cleaner? I haven’t found anything that Resolve can’t get out… and now I have carpet that has random “brand new”-looking spots where only a few hours earlier there was dog vomit.
  • Why is it that those seasonal reindeer antlers & nose are only found on SUVs? I know… I mistimed this one. But mark my words; next year, Rudolph only comes on SUVs.
  • Do men’s striped ties only slant from right shoulder to left hip?
  • The phrase “you have your work cut out for you” is counter-intuitive to me. If the work is already cut out, and part of it done, wouldn’t it then be easier?  Why, instead, is it harder? And what is the origin of this idiom?
  • How does falling snow succeed in filling in holes so as to make everything the same level? I may have just shoveled the newest 6 inches off my sidewalk, but if it keeps snowing, said sidewalk will miraculously be level with the rest of the yard by morning!
  • Do local police departments really need the Dodge Charger? My little village of 593 people is sporting a new one. However, the next town over, has a Prius. I feel like the Charger is a little overkill; a little too much testosterone in a uniform. Let’s be honest: what turbo-charged high-speed pursuit is going to happen in the 25-mph zone that the entire 1.2-square mile Village is? If the criminal is running west, just radio ahead and the Prius can set up a roadblock.

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