My second list: M’s 00 List: Best of Red Carpet Fashion from the last decade (the 00’s!). There is nothing more to this than a few of my favorite red carpet styles from 2000-2009. (The Oscars lead the way).  Feel free to add yours, too!

1. The vintage Valentino gown on Julia Roberts at the 2001 Academy Awards. [photo courtesy tvguide.com] Coincidentally, this was also the same Oscar ceremony where Bjork was dressed in dead swan.

    2. Halle Berry’s detailed and daring Elie Saab at the 2002 Academy Awards. [photo courtesy: Sydney Morning Herald.]

    3. Daniel Craig. 2009 Academy Awards. Enough said. [photo courtesy: Esquire.com]

4. Brad Pitt. Classic, sharp look. Not quite Daniel Craig, but it will do. Also, 2009 Academy Awards. [photo courtesy: Esquire.com]

5. Another Elie Saab: the 2009 Oscar dress made famous by Angelina Jolie. [photo courtesy: SplendiCity.com]

6. Katherine Heigl’s 2006 Emmy look (minus the infamous sweat marks), by Escada, with Jimmy Choo. [photo courtesy: FabSugar.com]

7. Beyoncé’s simple dress, with a great embellishment at the 2007 Oscar’s. [photo courtesy: People.com]

8. John Galliano, as worn by Heidi Klum. 2008 Oscars. [photo courtesy: Hollwoodscoop.com]

9. NPH in a dinner jacket? Absolutely! 2009 Emmy awards. [photo courtesy: Eonline.com]

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