Some words or phrases cause us to raise an eyebrow, or sometimes even smirk. These sorts of things are often a little raunchy or unsavory and certainly garner up images of a private nature.

The Bath. The Kiss. The Maid. I’m not saying kissing the maid in the bath. I am talking about the French Bath, the French Kiss, and the French Maid.

How did France wind up in the middle of these colorful idioms?

Long has France held reputations for a somewhat bawdy nature filled with unchaste women and unfaithful men; a love of decadence, alcohol, and sin; and an otherwise life-loving people. So does this spur the genesis for “hasty” cleansing, “passionate” displays of lust, and … well, “passionate” displays of housekeeping?

Pardon my French, but why the hell is France so special that it must be associated with otherwise normal things?

And I won’t even go into food. There may actually be something behind the fries, the onion soup, the toast, and what have you.

Well, whatever it may be, cheers to France for adding spice to our lives!



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