Being today is the final Thursday holiday of 2009 (the first being… well, the 1st — New Year’s Day), I feel compelled to write on the Holiday.

A handful of years ago, two of my friends came over from Ireland to spend Thanksgiving with my family. They knew nothing of the holiday, other than we “eat a lot.” They were looking forward to the feast with great excitement!

Five years later, the same holds true. My family celebrates with food. We are blessed to be able to do so.

But we are also blessed to be together. And that is the underlying thanks. While the food serves merely as symbolism, it is the vehicle that brings my family together.

We are a small family, but we don’t all live close together. Today, I am blessed to be able to pick up my aunt, flying in from Colorado, who can join us. And if it means this often-over-looked holiday brings us together, that is a good thing in my opinion.

Where did Thanksgiving go? I feel like we went from Halloween to Christmas. The stores are decked with holly and ornaments already, and people seem to be doing their “Christmas Shopping” in earnest already. In know our main shopping district was packed with people yesterday. This day seems like a formality; or merely an excuse for a day off from work. And while I talk of food and family, do people pause anymore to be thankful?

While the sky is gray right now, I call back to these times that make us embrace the little. Find sunshine in simplicity. And feel the warmth of sincerity and quality time.

These are the blessings I offer today. And the thanks I give are for the little, sincere, simple things and quality time in my life. Happy Thanksgiving, in whatever form it may come!



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