Apparently, if you are Notre Dame, the sky is truly the limit. It will have been 16 years earlier that Notre Dame and Navy squared off on Irish soil, but in 2012, they are scheduled to do it again.

My initial reaction was: as a taxpayer, I have to foot the bill to send a football team to Ireland? But after the knee jerk settled down, I had a trumping thought: this is awesome support for our military personnel over in Europe who can catch the game. Very cool.

I guess if the Golden Domers are going to pick an opponent and ship them to Ireland for a game, Navy is probably one of the best choices.

But I really have to ask about the wisdom of this. What are they trying to accomplish? I can’t imagine it’s a recruiting tool. Playing in San Antonio makes sense. Playing in Dublin does not.

The Irish are designed to play soccer. Not football. They do not breed for size on the Emerald Isle, and the ones that end up above average are named Seamus or Aengus and carry cars in the Strong Man contest.

And how is The Leprechaun received? I do hope they don’t find it condescending in any way. After all, there may be Britons, Scots, Orangemen, and Vikings, but let’s be honest… nobody abroad has a team named the Americans.

So 2012 it is. Navy v ND. To the home of Pierce Brosnan, Colin Farrel and Robbie Keane… and here we come with Rudy.



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