It’s that time of year: the All State guy is reminding us that each year, car-deer crashes account for a huge proportion of all accidents. The local news anchors begin citing statistics from last year. And the road report begins, not with traffic jams, but car-deer encounters.

Sure, some deer are getting spooked out of the woods by hunters. But, the reality is, it’s mating season! As SkiPatrolGuy so fondly put it: “Bucks are acting all silly because they are chasing does, kinda like guys.”

Bucks have a narrow window in which to run around and impregnate as many doe as possible (without getting shot, hit by a vehicle, or impaled by a bigger buck).  Imagine trying to repopulate the world with your genetic greatness in only 60 days?

But what if that is what happened with humans? What if we operated in a 1-year rut-cycle? Our gestation period would allow for that.  Women can only get pregnant between July and September, and that’s it.  Would we be more effective at work if we knew it was impossible, or were immune to thoughts of procreation? Would all other urges effectively disappear? And could we put life on hold for 2 months in order to otherwise run around being silly?

Theoretically, this would be a spectacular population control device. If a woman doesn’t breed between July and September, she’s not going to add to the population in that 12-month period. But I’m not sure there are many other supporting arguments for this one.

Alas, while we may only be mammals, we are not living on the Discovery Channel. And we, like dolphins, can copulate whenever we please.


Sunrise. 9.25.2009.

Sunrise. 9.25.2009.

Good morning!

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