If you haven’t seen it, it is impressive. We all know he is a gifted athlete, but to stop and walk away in mid-down swing? Tiger never ceases to amaze us.

But I don’t necessarily think of this in terms of athletic prowess. I think of this as a mature, mental decision. He recognizes when it is wrong … and he walks away. He doesn’t try to salvage something that is otherwise destined to not be right. He simply stops.

I think our politicians can take a lesson from Mr. Woods. After all, he has had infinitely more success in his chosen field than most of the people in Washington. But lashings aside, I believe that we all could learn from this precise action.

When things are on the wrong track or are poised to miss the mark, why continue? Even if you have months or years into planning and preparation, what good will it do if it fails otherwise? Science is different, because invariably you will likely learn something, but politics and general life aren’t always science.

In particular I think of the Health Care Reform. I think people forgot to ask the seminal question: do we have a system that needs fixing? Followed by: if so, then what about it needs fixing? Right now, it feels like we are running headlong into a project without knowing the real objective. And for sake of giving Americans something, I fear that Washington won’t give up until a major change has been implemented … whatever it may be, and whether or not it actually addresses the first two important questions.

I fear that Washington has too much pride. I believe that, right now, Washington is incapable of stopping mid-swing, or unwilling. Washington is going to try to salvage a bad shot and hope it makes it to the green.

But why is it so hard for someone to alter his or her course? Why is it so hard to admit that you may be wrong, and that you are going to try again, something different and hopefully better? When Tiger does it, it appears intelligent, disciplined, and brilliant. So, of what are we afraid?

I think it’s time to humble ourselves and be cognizant of the directions in which we head. And if we must, then we stop mid-swing. And try again, better next time.



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