Ah, College Football Season. This is my favorite season. I often think of that charming Christmas song that goes “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” I stop before I hit “mistletoe.”

The Big Ten started out strong (although it was nice to see Ohio State sweat a little in the early season). And Michigan made a solid showing in their freshly remodeled Big House. All in all, it was a nice Saturday.

But a little bit of me was sad. No, not because the ‘Canes upset the ‘Noles; nor that PSU or UM didn’t post shut-outs against MAC teams (although that did make me frown for a minute); nor that only two Big 10 teams are in the rankings.

No, what makes me a little sad is that I never really had the Division 1 football experience. Don’t get me wrong, my season as a Michigan die-hard was great fun, but it wasn’t totally mine to claim. Most of my family went to U of M, and I even had a cousin who played under the championship team for Yost. But, I am a Michigan fan like 76% of them… no direct tie of my own.

I bleed maize & blue and sing Hail to the Victors in my sleep. But a little part of me wants my kids (whenever they may come) to go to SEC schools. I want to be the parent who visits on football weekends, and joins everyone in the lifestyle that is SEC football. I don’t care if I am screaming Roll Tide or doing the Gator Chomp or participating in a Black Out… a big part of me wants to have a legitimate claim to being an SEC fan (even if it is through my college-bound child). Goodness, if the team is good enough, I may even be coerced into the 5 year plan!

But something about Southern football calls. The Oxford shirts & ties, the gin & tonics, the marching bands, the grandmothers, the toddlers, the towns.

It’s all football, right? It is, until 0-0 is left behind after the first Saturday.



One thought on “Southern Tradition (or, Living Vicariously)

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