What is about men? No, really. What is it about that particular Y chromosome that predominately sets men apart?

I am not talking in terms of sports, or strength, or anything of that sort. I am talking about the unsavory things.

From Autism to Aspbergers, Down’s Syndrome to dyslexia, males are predominantly more likely to have these disorders, by a significant margin. So does this mean that the male brain is more susceptible to being faulty? And why men?

On a slightly more nefarious level, psychopathic and serial killers are also primarily male. In one of TED’s more curious videos, Professor Jim Fallon explains that men get their X chromosome from their mothers, which may explain the prevalence of male killers [whereas a girl can get an X from each her mother and father, and they can cancel each other out]. Not that I understand what he said, but he does ground some basis in the gender gap for killers, also.

So, again, I query: why are men more likely to have these “issues” than women?

This would lead me to believe that women are the stronger sex, as we are less prone to such neurological flaws or challenges. And that being the case {assuming places like China stop killing female newborns}, would eventually the male population wipe out? Of course, that would be a very long time coming, but maybe it’s conceivable. Goodness; they expect redheads to be gone before too long.

But I digress. And I still have to ask: what is it about men? Can it all be linked to the Y chromosome? Did God try to even the balance by fundamentally giving men basic physical strength and an elevated risk-tolerance, but left them with serious population flaws?

Whatever it may be, this is the time that I am glad to sit back and simply enjoy being an XX.


8.24.09 Sunrise.8.24.09. Good morning!

2 thoughts on “Stronger Sex (or, Population Flaw)

  1. has any researcher ever considered the possibility that the trauma of circumcision might be part of the violence equation? where do sex and violence first meet? circumcision.

    couldn’t hurt to study the effects of circumcision on the psyche. i don’t think it’s ever been done. and yes, genital cutting used to be done to women. a certain kind of anger and fury is directed at the mother. my book, ‘the rape of innocence’ discusses this.

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