Ohio State will not win a National Basketball Championship. I don’t mean this year. I know this year’s NCAA Basketball Tourney is over. I mean all years. But beware: I finished 17 out of 22 in the work pool and 23 out of 32 in the Hibbs group – I’m not qualified to give bracket advice.

But my inability to fill out a bracket has nothing to do with this observation.  This one came to me while hill climbing on the elliptical at an offensively early hour of the morning Monday morning. SportsCenter had a little highlight clip going of the final two teams… Memphis and Kansas, Kansas and Memphis. They were both a blur. I couldn’t really tell the teams apart. They both sported royal blue uniforms.

Then I got to thinking, isn’t it funny that a team like Michigan State (green) didn’t make it that far. And perennially, the teams that have been most successful have been some shade of blue. Duke. North Carolina. UConn. Kentucky.

Yes, I do understand that Michigan State won in 2000. And that OSU did, in fact, play in the final (in which they lost to a Blue team) last year. But only one series in the last 10 championships had 2 teams, neither of which was Blue (see: 2002, Maryland vs. Indiana).

And look to the championship history. Blue teams take the most. UCLA – 11. KY – 7. Tar Heels – 4. Blue Devils – 3. Kansas – 3. One non-Blue team sneaks in with 5 championships thanks in large part to Bobby Knight (IU).

Taking a look at Final Fours, there doesn’t seem to be a noticeably high number of Blues opposed to other colors. So what then appears is that the Blues will come out the winners of the Final Four contests, where applicable, and history shows that Blues win more often than other colors.

So, not that I’m advocating picking your bracket on jersey color alone (although this is a somewhat compelling observation), I simply find it interesting that more often than not, Blue teams are most successful in the men’s bball tourney.

Maybe the next step to finding the golden key to bracket picking is geographic locations. East Coast teams definitely have the upper-hand in that. But at this point, I’m not one to give advice on brackets… but I am willing to keep trying to find the magic formula!


One thought on “Buckeye Blues (or, Living the Dream)

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