Tonight, at dinner, a friend suggested that intelligence is inherited. His wife then proceeded to say that whatever babies can do at birth is genetic; everything else is learned.  Those two sentiments seem to work strangely, yet well, together.

Earlier this evening I was lamenting the fact that I don’t have time to cook my Mom’s amazing sticky bun recipe for this weekend’s Michigan-Ohio State tailgate. Instead, I would have to settle for Pillsbury pre-made tubular stuff. And that hurt. My Mom made everything from scratch. Pie crusts, potatoes, stir fry. Everything was freshly made and rarely did we ever have anything from a box. Bisquick may have been the lone exception.

So in my weekend prep, I feel rotten that I can’t make the best sticky buns ever and that I will have to settle with serving only blah pre-made ones. But at the same time, I recognize that I have no time in my life right now for such personal “luxuries” as baking.

But cooking from scratch is a learned behavior. It is what I knew growing up. As one of my co-workers declared the other day during lunch: “It’s why you say ‘thuh’ instead of ‘thee’.”

We have the ability and opportunity to learn a lot from our parents. And the few lucky ones of us may actually have taken something from all that. And sometimes what we have learned does not become apparent (no pun intended) immediately. Sometimes it germinates for a while before blooming. But one thing is for certain: whatever we don’t do at birth is learned.

And as for the intelligence being genetic thing… well, I feel like I’ve hit the parental lottery.

Go Blue!

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