Something crossed our radars this weekend and X and I got to talking about cosmetic/plastic surgery. X’s view is “you only live once.” I’m torn. Part of me says “be grateful for the body with which you were born/enjoy what you have” and part of me subscribes to the “living once” theory.

“Plastics” (as Karev and McSteamy call it) incorporates a big number specialty areas. Everything from eye-lid lifts to complete abdominal reconstruction. You can even get your arms reshaped now.

Don’t get me wrong – I have 2 friends who immediately come to mind who were fantastic candidates for their respective surgeries. While both have had exceptional aesthetic outcomes, one (and possibly both) were also well-founded in medical necessity. I have no reservations about these types of surgeries. If your given body is adversely impacting your health (long term, short term, mental, physical, whatever), then there isn’t anything to ponder. This is why plastics became a distinct surgical field!

But today I am really contemplating the vanity-challenging, living-once, self-promoting surgery… needed no more for medical reasons than a shark needs a toothache.  When I was a kid, I remember 3 kinds of plastic surgery: nose job, boob job, and liposuction… the latter having mixed results after some botched surgeries in the late 80s and early 90s.  Today, though, the possibilities are endless. Abdominoplasty. Rhinoplasty. Dermabrasion. Blepharoplasty. Mastopexy. Otoplasty. Women can even have Labiaplasty.

We, of course, know of the obvious cases. CherJennifer GreyMichael JacksonTara ReidPamela Anderson.

And some have taken it too far. Joan Rivers. Melanie Griffith. Donatella Versace.  Jocelyn Wildenstein. (Yes, I know MJ should also be on this list).

So where is the happy medium? Was the guy from Biggest Loser right when he wanted to get a “tummy tuck” to help eradicate the excess skin folds on his body? And whose to say that a little nose work won’t only help the snoring thing, but may help lessen the “beak” comments? Or what about the girl who wanted to fill out shirts and dresses a little bit better? These aren’t necessarily extreme examples, but rather minor aesthetically-driven decisions.

Maybe I am talking myself into the “you only live once” mentality. (Wasn’t that a Bond movie?). And we’ve all asked the question… “What ONE thing would you have done?” I’ve always waffled on that question. I am happy with most parts of my body. But if I had to…

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