Awhile back, X and I caught a show at The Funny Bone in Dayton. I can’t remember the marquee comedian’s name, but I was particularly entertained. At one point in his routine, he went on about dating a young-20s woman (he’s late 30s). She introduced him to the “point system.”

[Comedian] forgot to call her. Girlfriend: “You lost points.”
[Comedian] opened the car door. Girlfriend: “You earned points.”
[Comedian] remembered her birthday… a week late, and with friends’ help. Girlfriend: “You lost major points.”

I’m familiar with the point system. I quite sure it’s a woman’s system for “keeping track.” As the Comedian asked, “how many did I start with?” But as far as it rates in my world, when I used it, it was nothing more than to poke fun at a certain someone along the way, or to give praise without sounding gushy or sentimental.

I don’t think I’ve awarded or demoted points recently. But I have been involved in another sort of game. I have been taking “tests.” Tests, I have learned, are typically administered by men, and the taker is wholly unaware until the test has already been taken, and the taker is then alerted to either “Passing” or “Failing.”

For the record, I’ve passed all my tests.

Just last weekend, however, I witnessed another woman receive her test results (she passed) despite not knowing she had taken a test. Girl went inside (we were dining on a porch) to do something and when she came back, guy proclaimed, with a large grin, that she had passed the test. And like most other men I’ve run across, he wouldn’t tell her what the test was, but only that she passed.

X has given me warnings about upcoming tests. “There will be a lot of tests this weekend.”or “We’ll see how you do with tonight’s tests.” These warnings, however, never come directly adjacent to test taking. Like porch girl above, I am only informed post-performance of my results.

I tend to think guys actually consider the results of these tests. At least to the extent that their taker has performed satisfactorily or not, with acknowledgment. But then again, perhaps that is also what the point system is about? An acknowledgment of a sort of test? He met her 6 closest girlfriends in one sitting; points. He actually had fun meeting all 6 girlfriends; bonus points. Test A and A1 would be “Passed” had the roles been reversed.

So why do women award points and men pass or fail their taker? Woman’s game is perpetual in nature, while Man’s game is more a series of individual lots. Man’s game seems black and white, while Woman’s allows for redemption or self-destruction.

Normally I have no problem bringing my Blog around to a conclusion. But today, this one isn’t concluding itself. I can’t seem to bring it full circle or make some worldly conclusion about this.

So I leave this conclusion to you. Why is Woman’s game on-going while Man’s is a one-shot deal?

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