They say little boys are made out of snakes and snails and puppy dogs’ tails. But girls, on the other hand, are made out of sugar and vice and everything nice. Or is it spice?

Silly me. I misrhymed.

But vice wouldn’t be so bad, would it? After all, some would define it as “an evil habit or wicked tendency.”  Now that sounds kind of fun.

I don’t think anybody is immune to vice or sin (and for the record: I’m not proselytizing here… the sin of which I write is more analogous to general naughtiness and bad habits). We each have our downfalls. We each have something that we know we ought not to do or be tempted by, yet we get some mischievous pleasure by succumbing.

Some sin or vice is better left unsaid. But, by way of example, mine is rated for all audiences. Ice cream is one of my worst vices. I love it. I’m a sucker for it. Coldstone. Plainwell Ice Cream. Hudsonville. Even a Wendy’s frosty. Mmmmm.

I had to laugh the other day when an old college friend (Tapawingo) wrote to me about his latest addiction: Rollerderby. He describesd from a fan’s perspective of course, the event as “gluttonous and lustful” and then proceeded to ask: “Sins aren’t criminal, are they, Counselor?”

Like these, some sins are humorous, almost endearing. Eating cookie dough while making cookies. Taking a day off work to read Harry Potter. Weekly sessions of retail therapy.

For others, the sins may be more taboo. Smoking. Listening to Cher and admitting to having 3 songs on your iPod. Cross-dressing underwear. Nose picking.

But the common element for each is that it is a guilty pleasure for the person who holds that sin or vice. Perhaps even gluttonous and lustful.

So let’s hear it. How many nose-pickers are out there? Or who can’t pass by the shoe department without carrying out 3 pair? Does anybody harbor a secret passion for John Travolta (or his movies)? You know one of my biggest downfalls. And I know you have some too.

And as a total post-script to the re-post: how stark is the coincidence that this topic befell my 69th meditation? I definitely wasn’t counting when I originally wrote this, but how apropos.

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