I can still hear my mom’s voice loud and clear: “Never move for a man… unless you have a rock on your hand.” And she shook her head when daughters of family friends crossed the country with the men they were currently dating. Perhaps Mom was a pessimist of sorts?

Sure, there’s always the risk that you may break up and get “stuck” out “there” (wherever that may be)… but that’s a risk whether you are married or not, whether you move away or not, and at the end of the day, a plane ticket home isn’t too bad.

So when do you follow your heart? Or take a leap? Or make a move? Don’t read anything into this. As GolfLady and MsPaw can attest, I have kicked all kettles off my stove. *Kick* *Kick* *Bang* But it has still crossed my mind. Why not move if you find someone who has hung your personal moon?

At this point in life, very rarely do jobs last a lifetime. And company loyalty is hard to come by. Granted, I happen to love my job, the company, and the people with whom I work (which makes this contemplation usually difficult)… but what if? And why not? Most people are mobile enough in their careers today to be able to relocate. So why not? Is it still somewhat taboo?

I ask, in part, because my town of 80,000 is a difficult place to be young and single.  It’s a great town, but the young professionals are few and far between. There are plenty of young, but they are usually still riding the college wave and haven’t moved away yet.

I also ask, in part, because I have met a couple of gentlemen in my time who I would consider move-worthy. Long distance relationships are difficult, at best… but if you make it through trying, who is to say you shouldn’t make the strategical move and merge?

It’s a small world these days, and it’s not unusual to meet amazing people who live further than “just down the road.”

I suppose economics plays a part in it. And I’ve generally been of the old-fashioned mind-set that the woman goes where the man is (VeganGoddess, don’t be disappointed… but then again, there was a time when I thought you were going to be a Husker). And I’m relatively okay with that… so long as there is good reason to go there (ie: a stable job, great location, etc.). But right now I also often find myself with the economic upper hand with my job. And trying to convince someone from Atlanta or Columbus to come to Kalamazoo is like trying to get water from a turnip – it’s just not going to happen.

So when do you walk away from your current life and make a significant move (to another state, another time zone, another country?) for that novel idea called love?

Happy first day of summer!

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