A few weeks ago, about the time that our last full moon shown, it was mostly present in the western night sky and happened to be situated very close (in viewing relativity) to a star. In fact, it reminded me very much so of the flag of Turkey, in reverse.

And somewhere in my mind, I also envisioned the South Carolina flag  with a star to the left of the moon. But apparently not.

Anyway, I digress. Tonight, however, is the 2nd full moon of the month. This irregular phenomenon is sometimes called a “Blue Moon,” wherein there will be 13 full moons this calendar year instead of the usual 12.  This event happens every 2-3 years (last in 2004, next in 2009) and is due to the fact that the lunar and solar calendars do not match up.

But what interests me even a bit more is that the standard 12 full moons are named. For instance, the most commonly accepted names are:
January – wolf moon
February – ice moon
March – storm moon
April – growing moon
May – hare moon
June – mead moon
July – hay moon
August – corn moon
September – harvest moon
October – hunter’s moon
November – snow moon
December – winter moon

However, certain cultures have other names for each full moon, as well.

And this is relatively new to me because all my life, I’ve always called the GIANT orange moon on the horizon a “harvest moon” regardless of what month it arrives (we’ve had one already this year). So I’m not sure what exactly happens (or what it is called, for that matter) when we see an extremely large and orangish moon, but apparently it’s not a harvest moon.

Anyway, so I suppose there isn’t much to preach about this week. But I did want to bring your attention to a rather irregular yet timely event today — an event that brings us “the man in the moon” to watch over us for the second time this month!

So tonight, if it’s clear, take a look into the central night sky. The moon is scheduled to rise over southwest lower Michigan at about 9:28pm, just a few minutes after sunset, and know that you are viewing the second full moon of this month.

Of course, but let us not forget either The Marcel’s song of the same name.

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