Today’s particular word makes me laugh. I’m not much a fan of it either. Some words just don’t do it for me, and this is one of them. Granted, I can sometimes fully embrace the premise of it, but the word itself just sounds funny to me. So I try to avoid it.

Today’s word is “horny” and only being used in the same sense that is making you giggle right now. What is the lexicology of this one? How on earth did this 5-letter word come to suggest sexual cravings?

Webster’s suggests (after two other mundane definitions) that it means “desiring sexual gratification” or “excited sexually” with a breakdown of: horn [erect penis] + y. Ok. Sure. That might make sense. So then why do women use it in reference to themselves? Clearly it’s a masculine adjective. So is it thus improper for a woman to bemoan being horny?

I’m not sure who pinned the phrase to sexual arousal but it has certainly solidified its place in modern lingo. In fact, Vanilla Ice, Ice Cube, and 2 Live Crew all have songs featuring this little 5-letter word. But pop culture aside, the next time the cravings come your way, remember that it’s okay to giggle at a word that derives its meaning from the visual of an erect penis.


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